3 gyroscopic stabilizers on 40M yacht

Valencia, 2022

On this 40-meter boat, the roll was very important and uncomfortable for the crew. The owner ordered a gyroscopic stabilizer to Strat-o-sphere to reduce the roll.
After studying the movements of the boat, we determined that it needed three Quick MC²X75 to stabilize it. We decided on the location of the devices in the boat and the modifications needed to create enough space. For this layout, we made some fiberglass pieces in the workshop, and then installed them in the boat. As the boat was made of metal, we had to make a custom metal structure to transmit the efforts of the stabilizers to the boat. 

Regarding the cooling of the devices, we have designed and made a closed circuit cooling system to avoid cooling by sea water which would have forced us to drill the hull of the boat.

When everything was ready to welcome the stabilizers, we installed them on our structure. 

After making the electrical connections and the tests, the client was able to go on a cruise without fear of the waves !