TV Cabinet

Saint Laurent du Var, 2021

The living room of this 24M Baia was equipped with a cabinet with two functions: television cabinet and air conditioning diffuser.
This cabinet was made of wood, so very heavy and cumbersome when the crew had to move it for maintenance of the air conditioning and electronic devices.
The request was to replace this wooden cabinet with a composite piece integrating the TV, the TV lift and ventilation grilles for the air conditioning. After scanning the living room with the Faro Freestyle 2 to obtain the 3D measurements on TopSolid, Strat-o-sphere made the new cabinet based on Jean-Charles Perret’s design.

The wood assembly mold made it possible to create the cabinet in a single piece of fiberglass and PVC foam, made by Infusion Technology in the workshop.

The rest of the work was to make the opening for the movement of the TV and the holes for the electrical outlets, the sanding and the final paint chosen by the client.

After installation on board, the owner was able to comfortably enjoy his new TV !