Gyroscopic Stabilizer

You suffer from excessive rolling movements on your boat ?
Test the new MC²X Quick Gyro Stabilizer System !
Since 2019, Strat-o-sphere is a licensed installer.

We study for you the characteristics of your boat to choose the adapted model of stabilizer, then we install it on board.
The principle is simple : The Gyroscopic Stabilizer is an important innovation in nautical technology because it reduces the movements caused by waves by more than 90%, which makes life on board particularly comfortable while sailing, and especially when moored at anchor.

The system works according to the laws of physics governing gyroscopic movements: its action creates spontaneous and natural forces that oppose the rolling movement, which considerably increases the stability of the boat.
It is basically a ball (sphere) that rotates at a very high speed and which induces a certain force G opposite to that exerted on the ship by the seas so as to reduce the rolling movement.
This system takes very little space and is very quiet.

Bow thrusters

More than 150 big and small bow thrusters have been installed by us on composite and wooden boats during the last 25 years


We installed around 20 passerelles of different sizes and brand on motor yachts


We installed around 10 cranes on the fly bridge or aft part of motor yachts. A crane is usually used to lift a tender and necessitates a careful study of the inside requested reinforcements