Jacuzzi Conception

Monaco 2011

The request of the client was simple : make a Jacuzzi on his boat that could be used in 20 min, the time for him to reach Monaco from Nice airport.dear henricoussin1

The boat had not previously been designed with a Jacuzzi on deck so several issues were to be solved:

  • would the stability of the boat permit the addition of 700L of water on deck?
  • would the structure of the deck sustain it?
  • would the electric installation on board be powerful enough to heat 700 L of water at 34Ā°Celcius in 20 min time?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A study of the metacentric height showed that the foredeck was a place low enough to locate 700 Kg with no significant influence to the stability.

An extra beam underneath the Jacuzzi would distribute the extra weight to the existing structures of the hull.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The addition of water heaters in the front area allowed us to have enough “ready to use” hot water at our disposal to quickly prepare 700 L of warm water.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

New teak surrounding surfaces and access steps contributedĀ to give a new life to the foredeck area of this 33 M motor yacht.

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