Composite creations

Taking measurements

In case of a modification, the first step is taking measurements. It is crucial to guarantee the success of the job.
Strat-o-sphere masters all the measuring tools, from the simplest to the most high tech systems.
The most used solutions are the laser technology, which allows to take very precise measurements. Since 2020, we use our Faro Freestyle 2 to scan every complex shape.
When the piece to be modified is measured, it’s time to draw the modification on it.


When it’s necessary, Strat-o-sphere is able to draw its own solutions and adapt them to the request of the client. This step allows a real reflection to provide the best solution.
The team masters 3D softwares like TopSolid, which are references in this business. When the design is confirmed, a first shape in wood or foam is made to be used as a mould during the manufacturing of the piece.  

Infusion Technology

Strat-o-sphere builds all its realizations in its workshop, on the french riviera.
The most used materials are fiberglass, carbon, resin and PVC foam.
Since 2007, Strat-o-sphere masters the Infusion Technology.
This process allows to produce elements much lighter than with a classic stratification. To use this system, it is necessary to create at first a depression around the element to be stratified. To achieve this, we use a vacuum pump which is going to pump the air around the object. A cover and adhesive materials guarantee the sealing of the device.
When the vacuum is strong enough, the resin can wet the tissues passing by a pipe which cross the cover.
The process is almost automatic because the quantity of resin adjusts itself. When all the tissues are wet, we stop the pump and let the resin dry.
Finally, we retire all the waste and consumable materials and the piece can now be coated, painted, and receive all the finitions needed.


When all is ready, Strat-o-sphere takes care of the delivery of the piece on the boat, wherever it is.
Our team is able to manage the organizations of big deliveries and complex installations.
In all cases, we master the workflow to guarantee the success of the operation, and assure the last finitions when necessary.