Wing Sail Trimaran

Strat-O-Sphere has built this innovating prototype entirely designed by Laurent von Saenger.
Already a regular regatta winner, the trimaran will continue to evolve until it reaches the state of a fully developed concept.
The advantages of the wing sail are more evident up wind, with an angle 5° to 10° closer than the classic sail would allow.
Crafting of the mast has been carried out with very special care.
Made of unidirectional carbon fiber and stratified epoxy, vacuum bagged and heated at 75°C.
The sail is equipped with whisbone battens linked around the mast through triangular pieces (patent 2002). In this system, the wind pressure contributes to deforming the batten in order to optimize the shape of the sail whatever the direction of the wind (port or starboard).

Stand-Up Paddles

Since 2013, Strat-o-sphere designs and produces SUP and paddles.
They are made in fiberglass and carbon, which make them really light. Their special shape make them faster than standard models.
Different products have been tested by professionals of the discipline, and the results have been very positive.
Some of our models are now used on the professional tour.