About us

Projects carried out by Strat-o-sphere since 1987

Strat-o-Sphere SARL was created in 2000 by Laurent von Saenger and Alexandre Palusci, following the activity of Laurent which he started in 1987 on the french riviera.

With the forty years experience of its leaders, Strat-o-Sphere perfectly masters the refits and the modifications of yachts of all sizes, sailing yachts as well as motor yachts.
We equip them with the most modern devices, we repair and improve them by choosing the specific solution adapted to the situation. If necessary, we invent a new solution specially designed to answer a particular request.
Strat-o-Sphere follows all the innovations around the world to keep the highest level of technology on its projects.

We operate as a small team with a specific technical know-how in nautical design, photogrammetric softwares, infusion technology, polyester and composite materials.

For projects requiring other skills, we work with selected independent professionals, from all around the world, who are top specialists in their respective fields.

Strat-o-Sphere usually deals on the french riviera, but can also moves all around the south of Europe, from Valencia to Napoli.

In all cases, we like to remain the unique point of contact of our customers, so that we can ensure the overall quality of the work delivered.